Fight or Flight?

The survival guide for flying with kids.

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Let's Fly!

Flying with or around kids can be either easy going or an absolute nightmare. There are some things you can do to have a flight in your favour.

Twelve years of parenting and flying around the globe with my four boys are humbly presented to you to help you make the best of your flying experience, whether you fly with your own children or find yourself surrounded by someone else’s kids on board.

  • Have you ever taken a flight with a crying baby who just wouldn’t fall asleep, feeling the other passengers wishing you would both miraculously disappear?

  • Maybe you have landed looking like you just came out of a washing machine after flying with your kids, as one of them had diarrhea the whole flight?

  • Have you ever pretended your 18 month-old baby was only 9 kg (19 lbs.) just to get the desired baby bassinet, regardless of all the safety recommendations?

  • Raise your hand if you ever thought “What have I done to deserve this kids on my flight???”

  • Nod your head if you have ever had to sit the whole flight on a wet seat because your precious toddler peed in theirs and wanted to swap with you for a dry one?


If any of these scenarios ring a bell or come close, this guide book is for you!


Yours with gratitude,



P.S. By purchasing this book, you are part of a bigger global cause! 10% of  this book’s profits are donated to support less fortunate children, providing them with their basic needs of shelter, food and education.

Be prepared to take a slightly paradoxical journey as you read Fight or Flight ? The Survival Guide for Flying with Kids. In this first-of-a-kind book, Dana Bachar Grossman, tells it like it is when it comes to traveling with children of all ages in tow.
One moment, you will laugh as she regales you with the unexpected humor used to describe the various complicated—and complicating—situations she has experienced while shepherding her four children around the world. The next moment, you will groan as her words bring flashbacks of when you had a similar experience. You remember nothing about it seemed fun—or funny—at the moment it happened!



Ruth E. Van Reken,

Co-author, Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds, 3rd ed., co-founder, Families in Global Transition

Artwork from the Book

The Book Testimonials

"I just finished reading the book and it's brilliant. Not only is it laugh-out-loud funny but it offers some really good practical advice too.

It has lots of great anecdotes and personal experiences and covers pretty much everything you can think of. Even a section on flying without kids/kids flying alone. "

Justin Harper, dad of two

“It is one of the most inspiring books I have ever read. Absolutely helpful for families on air with young kids.

A must read!”

Levend Arisoy, TURKISH Airlines General Manager Singapore

"Fight or flight? is a super helpful and fun guide to make flying with kids more enjoyable and survivable.  Every expat, frequent family traveller and new Mum needs a copy.  A great insight into what can go wrong and how to avoid it, packed full of real life stories and helpful tips.  I wish I had a copy when I first started flying with kids rather than learning the hard way. "

Chris Edwards, Founder of Honeycombers & HoneyKids Asia, and mum of 3 little frequent travelers

Meet Dana Bachar-Grossman

Dana's Tips For Parents 

Dana Bachar Grossman is a bestselling author, a public speaker and an expat mom of 4 boys who has travelled to 5 continents and lives Singapore for the last 9 years.


She is constantly on the move either enriching her experience as an avid traveler or chauffering her boys endlessly from place to place as “Mama Uber”.



Dana, a lawyer, an international mediator, and a negotiation trainer has been blessed with an innate ability to see things as a “matter of fact” while bringing a fresh, optimistic solution to any situation. She is a proponent of open communication and empathy and has been guiding families for over 25 years to use these tools to resolve even the most critical disputes.



Dana founded “MeD8” and “Reaching Hearts- Giving Bach” with a mission to motivate people to be effective- empathetic communicators which in turn has contributed to our community’s greater good.



In her spare time, she loves to do stand up comedy with the goal of not only raising funds for various charities she is a part off but also to inspire others to be their best self through the use of language we all understand-laughter.


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